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Document Translation

Do you need to translate documents?

The translation of texts from one language to another requires more than a university education. Our translators are chosen and allocated to each project depending on several criteria: experience in the respective language (English, German, French, Italian, Spanish etc…), knowledge of the field (legal, medical, technical) and the accuracy of previous translation.



Linguistic interpretation creates the bridge for a better and faster understanding of peoples speaking different languages. Depending on the communication needs, we can provide interpreters for simultaneous interpretation, consecutive interpretation and whispering for conferences, seminars, workshops, meetings and business trips in Romania or abroad.


Legalization and Apostille

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Subtitling of presentation films, commercial clips, documentaries and movies requires a structured project and a team of specialists – linguists and technicians.



Localization for intranet/internet sites and software applications generally combines linguistic, cultural and IT competencies in order to deliver relevant content to users. An adequate localization helps your web site rank better in search engines and easier user adoption of the software application.


Language lessons

Do you want to learn a foreign language? English, French, Spanish? Or maybe Romanian for expats?

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